At Lotus Care Health and Beauty Salon, we are proud to stock results driven cosmeceutical skincare. Because our skincare REALLY WORKS. That is why we only allow purchases in salon, where you can get the guidance of a trained therapist to help prescribe what is right for you. We truly want the BEST for you. Some of our products you may need to start slow, and some of our products you could have been using for years without knowing your ready for the next step. Every skin is on a journey, and we're ready to help you on your way. Below are our own notes and descriptions regarding our products to get you familiarised and excited for what we can do together.

Combining a prescribed homecare regime and in salon treatments will always give the most effective results. So come in and have a chat with us! From there we can devise a plan of action. We're here to see you get REAL RESULTS with REAL CARE. Want proof? Check out our success stories here. 

Learn more about our product range below.



COSMEDIX uses the highest quality plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils and no artificial colours or fillers. Cosmedix uses chiral correction meaning Cosmedix formulas have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin. With chiral correction there is less risk of irritation and more concentrated formulas capable of real change. Cosmedix uses Nobel Prize winning ingredients which is a rarity with majority of other skincare ranges and the difference in results is also evident.



Aspect is a powerful results driven cosmeceutical skincare range using high grade Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids and Retinol. Aspect Skincare uses chiral correction, this means Aspect purifies the molecules of their ingredients. This is the difference between high grade and low grade ‘lactic’ or ‘hyaluronic’. A lot of skincare ranges know these are the ingredients that sell, but don't invest in the proper purification process. The result is less effective and in some cases can cause skin irritations. With Aspect, you can reap all the benefits of a cosmeceutical range, without the risk of skin irritations or responses, and with lasting results!

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At Lotus Care Health and Beauty Clinic we proudly prescribe Payot. Payot are extremely advanced in their technology, and unlike many other ranges, Payot uses their own laboratory with over 60 dermatologists and chemists. Constant research, means constant discovery and improvement in ingredients and delivery methods. These products are much more complex than your 'everyday' moisturiser and the results speak for themselves.


Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale is a certified organic, Vegan Friendly, cruelty free 100% Pure Mineral Makeup. As Skin Therapists, we believe every clinic should have a makeup available to clients as a healthy extension of their skincare. You could be investing in treatment courses and product not realising that your makeup is damaging and affecting your overall skin result. Jane Iredale is non-comodogenic, meaning it will not block pores. It also uses no nano particles and sits on top of the skin acting as a physical layer of protection. Most sunscreens also contain chemicals, but Jane Iredale is a physical, clean SPF for post laser, peel and needling treatments. A very convenient addition to your skincare.


Pure Fiji

At Lotus Care Health and Beauty we are proud to sell Pure Fiji products. Pure Fiji brings you the best of Fijian traditions combined with advanced skin care technology. Using quality plant oils and extracts in every formulation, Pure Fiji refrains from using ingredients which commonly cause allergies and problems to sensitive skin. Pure Fiji proves suitable for the vast majority of discerning consumers.